Hadithi® - Connecting Worlds

Hadithi® means ‘story’. It is inspired by tales of real people and cultures all over the world. Hadithi® is a complete concept of an orchid with a story. The story is illustrated on the decorative accessories such as the supporting stick. Each one-of-a-kind stick has its own pattern and colour, making it a collector’s item for interiors. 

Why Hadithi®?

  • Distinctive and trendy all-round retail concept.
  • Available in matching pot cover and ceramic pot | 12cm
  • The supporting stick is a collector’s item for interiors.
  • Each stick has a unique print telling a story from around the world
  • Hadithi® stimulates repeat purchases
  • Limited edition available with jewellery for special occasions

You’re not selling an orchid, you’re selling Hadithi®.

Hadithi®- Connecting Worlds

What stops you from doing what you want to do? Keep on wandering.

By buying this orchid, you will not only be bringing a beautiful plant into your home, you will also gaining a unique interior item. The stick is ethnic, and is inspired by real stories, real people and cultures all over the world. This makes it a must-have object for anyone interested in these stories. When this unique plant is past its best, use this exclusive stick somewhere else in your interior; just use your imagination! Or take a look at our Instagram or Pinterest page for Inspiration.