Discover our full range in various, unique ILIKE® lines

Different look. Familiar quality.

ILIKE® creates special concepts for Phalaenopsis and Cordyline australis.

A range that is always surprising. A range that is always uniform. An ILIKE® range!

Brochure ILIKE® Plants 2023 (PDF)

Discover our ILIKE® Mix orchids

Various orchids that are exceptional value for money.

Discover ILIKE® Mix

Discover our ILIKE® Supreme

Specially selected quality in specific varieties.

Discover ILIKE® Supreme

Discover our ILIKE® Duetto


Two huge orchids in a 17cm pot.

Discover ILIKE® Duetto

Discover our ILIKE® Cordyline

The robust outdoor plant from Australia which has become a bestseller.

Discover ILIKE® Cordyline

Discover our Manta More

Meet the next generation Phalaenopsis

Discover our Hadithi

Exclusive line of Phalaenopsis with unique hangers

Discover Hadithi

Discover our Promiss

Exclusive line of unique pot covers for Phalaenopsis

Discover Promiss