ILIKE ® Duetto

ILIKE ® Duetto

When a Phalaenopsis becomes a floral bouquet

With ILIKE® Duetto, a Phalaenopsis is no longer a Phalaenopsis. It is an explosion of colour and blossoms, thanks to two orchids being planted in a single 17 cm pot. With two plants per pot, a product of serious quality is guaranteed. Levoplant supplies various varieties and colours under the ILIKE® Duetto label, varieties which have been specially selected for their profuse flowers.

  • Two huge orchids in one 17 cm pot.
  • Serious quality: 3-6 stems per pot
  • Specially selected varieties
  • Abundantly flowering orchid
  • Recognizable by smart label and cover in bronze or black
ILIKE® Duetto range

Two stunning, very high quality phalaenopsis in a 17cm pot. That's the ILIKE ® Duetto.

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